Children in a classroom taking a test

Edo State Holds Learning Assessment for Primary and Secondary Schools

The Edo state government in partnership with World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organised the Edo State Learning Assessment Systems and Strategies (ELASS) for children in Primary 3, 6, JSS 3 and SS2.

The Executive Chairman, Edo SUBEB, Ozavize Salami noted that the Learning Assessment is imperative in the development of literacy and numeracy skills. She made this statement while on a school visit tour to select schools to monitor the assessment on Wednesday, March 8th.

“The learning assessment is coming at a time when the Edo State government is deliberate about foundational learning and is constantly seeking ways to improve learning outcomes and the quality of lessons delivered in our schools.

“The results from the assessment will help us improve and further enrich the school curriculum, create more relevant and effective training programs for teachers and institute structured support and intervention for learners to ensure improved learning outcomes.”

ELASS is the Edo State government’s education initiative put in place to review the content, delivery and assessment of the current English Language and Mathematics curriculum. Through the standardized testing of students in selected classes (Primary 3, Primary 6, JSS3 and SS2), the result of the ELASS will reveal areas where Edo State needs to improve content, delivery, or assessment methods in Education within the State.

The assessment will also help put in place efficient systems and strategies to make good policy decisions that will affect and influence learner performance while helping the government design a more fit-for-purpose curriculum that will ensure children are learning the right thing, at the right level.

Edo state remains the only multinational under the World Bank Accelerator Programme. The EdoBEST programme is also the only other “programme” that has carried out the assessment, second to Brazil. EdoBEST continues to prioritise the delivery of quality basic education across all schools.