EdoBEST@Home is a signature initiative of the Edo State Government to ensure that every child in the state can continue learning while schools are not open. The government recognises that these are unprecedented circumstances caused by the coronavirus that require bold and unprecedented solutions.

Through EdoBEST@Home the government will be providing a revolutionary multichannel learning solution based on the same child-centred, scientifically-based approach that we have pioneered with EdoBEST, and will allow students to continue to prepare against the curriculum.

EdoBEST@Home will include multiple hours of daily interactive audio lessons, self-study activity packets available free online without data charges, mobile interactive quizzes available on your phone for each age group, age-appropriate story books available on your phone, and virtual interactions with teachers. Together, these components of EdoBEST@Home provided by the government will support the continued learning of ALL children in Edo during these challenging times.