Mobile Interactive Quizzes

Mobile Interactive Quizzes

EdoBEST@Home Mobile Interactive Quizzes are an effective strategy for helping students practise and retain what they learned. Hundreds of grade-appropriate, Edo curriculum-aligned quizzes in multiple subjects are available through the EdoBEST@Home Mobile Interactive Quiz platform.

Quizzes provide students an opportunity to practise a wide range of skills, from using vocabulary to solving math equations. Students receive instant feedback on their success.

The quizzes are available to any parent or student:

 Scan the QR code

 Scan the QR code with your phone and send your first message

  or click on the following link  +23417006147

How do you access the quizzes?

To access the quizzes simply scan the QR code above with your phone or use the following link in your browser and your student can begin the quiz! As students progress through the Edo curriculum, additional quizzes will become available, but students will always be able to practise again with past quizzes to keep up their retention.

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